BooksfromScotland.comBooks From Scotland has just relaunched its website, which showcases the work of writers and publishers from Scotland.

The first issue of the new website, which will be updated monthly, includes an extract from my work in progress. To read more, head over to the website. Thanks to the team for including some of my work!

There’s also an extract on this website, over on the Writing page.

Have you put full stops at the end of sentences?

Some weeks ago, I received a letter from my parents. Included within it were some probing questions from my dad about the book I’m writing.

As it’s Father’s Day, I thought it would be an appropriate moment to share these. (Dad is not a writer, by the way, though his letters can be rather good.)

So here, for any of you writers out there, are the questions you should be asking yourselves:

  1. In your bookHave you put full stops at the end of sentences?
  2. Have you not mixed up tenses in sentences?
  3. Have you used your Scottish/English Dictionary to good effect?
  4. Have you used the right font?
  5. Have you left a cliffhanger so you can start on book No.2?

It’s a tongue-in-cheek list, but actually it’s pretty useful.

So how am I doing? I’m fairly sure I’ve managed 1, 2 and 4. Number 3 needs some work. And 5… hmm. Watch this space!